zágon nagy

Zágon Nagy graduated from the Budapest University of Film and Theater Arts, where he studied cinematography. He has been involved in different types of cinematographic work, including music videos, video installations, commercials, short movies, and documentaries. He worked on Nine Month War with László Csuja, which premiered at the 2018 Sarajevo Film Festival and has since been screened at many other international film festivals. He has worked on several other documentaries as well. Tales from the Prisen Cell (2019) directed by Ábel Visky and funded by the Hungarian Film Fund, Songs of the Land directed by Miklos Both. He was also involved with Beauty of the Beast (2019), which is directed by Anna Nemes. He is currently working on two feature movies. One of them is being directed by Áron Szentpéteri and focuses on a story that takes place in Berlin. The other is about a female bodybuilder and is based on the documentary Beauty of the Beast. He is working on this with directors Anna Nemes and László Csuja.


fictional and documentary

  • 2020 Gentle Monster //  feature film //director: Anna Nemes, László Csuja- pre production

  • 2020 Prince // feature film //director: Áron Szentpéteri- filming

  • 2019 Beauty of the Beast // documentary //director: Anna Nemes

  • 2019 Tales from the Prison cell // documentary-fiction //director: Ábel Visky- post production

  • 2019 Kengos's Pictures// short //director: Lili Kemény- post production

  • 2018 Not about family// documentary //director: Anna Kis

  • 2018 Nine Month War// documentary //director: László Csuja

  • 2018 Songs of the Land// documentary //director: Miklós Both, Bálint Szimler

  • 2018 Tripoli Tide// short //director: Ahmed Elghoneimy

  • 2014 The Party// interactive musical theatre performance //director: Árpád Schilling

  • 2014 King of dolphin// short //director: Áron Szentpéteri

  • 2014 Free Entry// feature film //director: Yvonne Kerékgyártó


  • 2019 Eon// TVC //

  • 2018 Telenor Xmass// TVC //

  • 2018 MKB 20perc egézség// TVC //

  • 2018 Telekom Valentin// online //

  • 2017 Raiffeisen Bank// TVC ////

  • 2017 McDonald's Ronald Ház// online //

  • 2017 Raiffeisen Bank// TVC //

  • 2017 Raiffeisen Bank// TVC //

     cameraoperator/ 'b' camera / second unit

  • 2019 The Reconing// feature film //director: Neil Marshall

  • 2016 Die Reise mit Vate// feature film //director: Anca Miruna Lazarescu

  • 2015 Balaton Method// documentary //director: Bálint Szimler

  • 2014 VAN Valami furcsa és megmagyarázhatatlan//feature film //director: Gábor Reisz

  • 2014 Fehér Isten// feature film //director: Kornél Mundruczó