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Our documentary is about fragile women who transform themselves into beasts. Female bodybuilders have the body of Hulk, but the wardrobe of Barbie. They don’t mind that their sexually extreme appearancemakes them outcasts. They find comfort by taking control over each detail of their existence. Diving under the glitter and the tanned skin, we look for the reasons lying behind their lifestyle. We want to show the complexity of female bodybuilding through empathy and understanding and to make the viewer realize that these bleach-haired, deep-voiced, colossal people are also someone’s little girl, someone’s bride, who have been and are still seeking the same thing we all do; to be appreciated. Our characters represent different approaches to bodybuilding. Through their stories we come to know the psychological and sociological aspects of this phenomenon. We will be introduced to the bodybuilder subculture; an amazing manifestation of endurance and devotion, while also a distorted reflection of today’s beauty ideals.


director: Anna Nemes


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